There are a couple of ways to learn nose in. Basically they are the same so I will incorporate each into the basic principle here. Some beginners will try to learn nose in while on training gear or on a training stand. This will work but what I will describe here how to learn after you already know how to hover. It is a good idea if you can already hover 90 degrees to your self in both directions, but not necessary if you will be learning with training gear and plan to be on the ground.

First things to figure out is that the control surface reaction will be backwards on all the axis except for the throttle/pitch. The yaw ( rudder ), fore / aft cyclic ( elevator ), and roll cyclic ( ailerons ) are all going to work in the opposite direction. ( HINT )The biggest thing that really help me was to move the right stick in the direction that the helicopter is moving while nose in. This will correct the moving helicopter and all you really will have to remember is which way to move the tail rotor. This will be your life line as it were because if you can get the tail back behind the helicopter you will be able to save it ( hopefully ).

The way I learned is while the helicopter was in a stable hover, I would bring it into a 90 degree hover. Then I would slowly work the tail a little bit farther, keeping in mind which way I was going to bail out of it if I got into trouble. I would do this at about 20 feet up and out about 20 feet also. This to me was easier than being up higher and trying to put it into a nose in hover from forward flight. My eyes are not that good so having it a little bit closer was easier. Remember though that the closer to the ground you are, the less room for error you will have. Do it slowly and a little bit at a time.

You can also learn to do these by flying around. When the helicopter is coming at you, you can slow it up almost to a hover and practice nose in this way. Keep doing this until you can stop it into a hover. Always keep in mind what your going to do with the tail rotor to get it back behind the helicopter if you get into trouble.

If you are the nervous type you can put the training gear back on and sit the nose of the helicopter towards you. Then do some light liftoffs. Just enough at first to get used to the backwards control. Keep doing this until you can hover nose in.

As you can see there is not much one can tell you about learning nose in. Keep in mind the hint at the beginning I gave you. This really help me.

Good luck!

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