MHA Tail Rotor Blades

Mha tail blades are now being distributed by Miniature Aircraft. These new tail blades are extremely light and stiff. They are made out of carbon fiber and have sealed, curved tips. As seen below.

The blades I tried on my fury was a set of 110mm in length and 5mm think at the root. XL's take the 8mm thick blades so I had to use spacers with them. This will not effect the performance and reliability.

The come in 5 sizes.

92mm x 8mm #3699-40

105mm x 5mm #3699-44

105mm x 8mm #3699-46

110mm x 5mm #3699-48

110mm x 8mm #3699-50

I my self like the 95mm in length blades because I am very hard on tail rotor blades. For me, using the shorter blades, I am less prone to hitting them on the ground. When using 110mm NHP blades I will usually have them broke in 1 or 2 flight. They will split up the seams. I did indeed whack these blades on the first flight. After checking them out, I found I didn't even leave a scratch on them. I knew right then these were going to be good blades. After a full weekend of flying at the Vegas 2002 fun fly and whacking them a few more times they still are in one piece. This is great news for me.

In flight I did have to turn my gyro gain down about 10 points but this is probably do from going from the 105's to the 110mm blades. They defiantly have a great feel to them. I noticed a difference from the stock clear fury tail blades. While the plastic tail blades are very light and fly well, they are not the greatest for hard flying. They do flex. This is fine for novice and intermediate flyers but you might like to try a set of these if your more into hot flying or need a more "crisp" feel from your tail. They have a slightly different feel over the NHP's also. The biggest advantage over the NHP's though are these blades are very tough and you'll be less likely to break them on the ground as I usually do.


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