Ys 80ST Helicopter Engine

The ys80st looks just like the st-2. You really can't tell any difference by looking at it. It has the same mounting pattern as the ys 61st2 an a 3 needle carb. Just a note though. The latest releases of the 61st2 and the new ys80st have 4mm muffler mounting holes now. This should lead to a more robust mounting of the mufflers or pipes and yet will let you replace the bolts easier.

The throttle body is again marked for idle / 50% / and full throttle. This sure make set up much easier.

The muffler bolt pattern is the same also as the 61st2. The hatori's will bolt right on. I'm to understand that hatori now has a new muffler for the ys80st that will give it more power then using the muffler for the 60 size heli's. I need to call Rich Sabin to find out the part number for the new mufflers. When I get it I will post it.

TO BE CONTINUED......... <g>

Well... after a few tanks of running with the 60 size hatori muffler, I decided it really didn't like that muffler much. So I borrowed the new hatori muffler for the YS80 from a friend. This made the motor run much better. After about the 6th tank (rich) of running, Todd Bennett and my self started working on the motor some. It started to come to life. The next tank.... well... I had landed and the engine stopped. I had to put a new plug in and after that it did not run right. I pulled the head off it and found that the piston / sleeve was all gouged up. After removing the engine, I found that it lost the rear bearing. I am pretty much convinced now that the bearing broke and that is what ruined the engine. I don't think its going to be worth the $ to fix. The little I did get to run this engine was fun. It defiantly had plenty of power. Ran fairly well. I did get to see some other ys80's run over the last few weekends and they too were running strong. I don't think most heli flyers will need this extra power. It would be good for higher altitude flyers though and heavy, heavy 3d flyers. Sorry I couldn't get more time on this engine to give you a better story but, that's life.

Well... I have had my engine repaired and have yet to try it again. It seems that if there was any problems it has been addressed and fixed. When I get a chance I will re-install it and continue with this review.


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